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  • Katie Dobson would love to help you get the absolute most out of your skiing. She has the highest international qualification and 17 years experience, every session is dedicated to enjoyment and improvement.
Blue Chilli is an independant ski and snowboard school based in Chatel, Portes du Soleil. They operate three main starting points, Super Chatel, Linga & Pres la Joux plus numerous others further down the Valley d'Abondance which lets them choose the terrain best suited to your needs.
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  • Magic Transfers – Airport transfers from Geneva airport to Chatel, la Chapelle and Abondance
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  • Bubbles Dive Center
  • Tourist Office Chatel
  • Ski Chatel
  • Ice Drive Training

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A selection of our Advanced Skis

Men / Unisex

Vantage 86 C

Smooth, easy and sweet to ride – there is no better ski for your all-mountain adventure than Atomic Vantage 86 C.  The 86 C offers precision and practicality in a range of on-piste conditions – from fresh snow to icy hard-pack.  When weight is kept down, you’ve got a ski that’s light on your feet and easy on your legs. Effortless and easy, for those coming from a narrower-ski background, it’s an excellent first foray in to the world of new-school all-mountain skis.

Redster X7

The first thing you need to know about the Atomic Redster X7 WB is the extra width – offering more control and more power when the snow is less than perfect.  It’s halfway between giant slalom and slalom so you can use it to ski short turns and long turns.  The perfect ski to grab when you know the piste conditions change from top to bottom or throughout the day.

Kore 93

The Kore 93 is a very accessible ski for experienced to very good skiers.  As it is easy to handle in off-piste terrain, it's the perfect launch pad into the world of freeride skiing.  It's a versatile ski that is both dynamic and easy-going.  That helps you store your energy reserves and enjoy your adventures in the powder even longer.  But it's performance on the piste is no less stellar.  To sum up: with Kore 93, you feel right at home in any terrain.

QST 99

Whether you are doing laps in back-bowl powder, dropping down a steep line or flying down your favorite groomers, the QST 99 gives you the confidence to always push your limits.  Due to the pure wonderfulness and adaptability of the QST we have expanded our range again this year.  We now have the 85, 92, 99 and 106!


The V-Shape V10 is the new shining star in off-piste terrain: for hedonists and advanced skiers alike.  Thanks to its geometry, this is a ski that is born to turn.  The broad shovel actively supports turn initiation.  Even in extreme, slippery situations this is a ski you feel comfortable with.  What's more, the V-Shape V10 is also fun on the piste.  We also have the V8.

Vantage 82 Ti

The Vantage 82 Ti is a whole lot of fun.  You will appreciate its ability to make different turn shapes and its responsiveness when you power it up.  For all-mountain skiers who like to spend most of the time on-piste with the occasional adventure into fresh snow.  All in all, it’s a fantastic, lightweight all-mountain ski that loves to rip groomers.  Also in a 79 Ti.


Vantage 86C W

The Atomic Vantage 86 C W is an excellent choice – easy and breezy on groomed runs, it’s predictable and confidence-building, yet capable – for letting you truly experience what skiing is all about.   There is no better ski for your all mountain adventure.  A ski designed for advanced riders who want to discover the joys of powder all while enjoying awesome performance when they’re back on piste.

Super Joy

With the super Joy, you can fully embrace your technique.  Designed to suit any terrain, this ski performs expertly.  Thanks to its super light weight, you can sweep through the mountains all day long.  Be prepared to reign all over the resort with this carving machine!  The Super Joy delivers surgical precision and effective energy transmissions.

QST 92 Lux

Due to the popularity of the QST, we have introduced the LUX - the female version, for the first time this season.  The QST Lux 92 is lightweight and stable, boosting your confidence as you carve on hard snow, hit the moguls or explore some of the steepest corners of the mountain.  Without a doubt you will have everything you need to have fun on every face of the mountain.

Vantage 80 Ti

The perfect blend of on piste stability and all mountain agility.  The Atomic Vantage 80 TI W is a spot-on system ski specially for female all-mountain skiers who like to ski most of the mountain.  This is a smooth-skiing dream ski that offers versatility and predictability – perfectly built for perfect turns.

Cloud 11

There’s nothing like long, sweeping glides down a piste – no sliding, no chatter, just you and the piste beneath you.  If that’s your style, the Atomic Cloud 11 is your ski.  It’s the ski for women who want to glide fast down the piste, carving agile turns with grace and precision.

HEAD Absolute Joy

The Absolute Joy is your true friend. It's for women who want a strong partner they can count on, but who also want to power up the learning curve.  It is a mix of lightweight materials and the key qualities of balance and control. It's the easy handling that gives you confidence in your skis and you quickly up your game. You soon feel comfortable on your skis and ready to face any terrain. As the name suggests: Absolute Joy!

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