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  • Katie Dobson would love to help you get the absolute most out of your skiing. She has the highest international qualification and 17 years experience, every session is dedicated to enjoyment and improvement.
Blue Chilli is an independant ski and snowboard school based in Chatel, Portes du Soleil. They operate three main starting points, Super Chatel, Linga & Pres la Joux plus numerous others further down the Valley d'Abondance which lets them choose the terrain best suited to your needs.
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  • Magic Transfers – Airport transfers from Geneva airport to Chatel, la Chapelle and Abondance
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  • Bubbles Dive Center
  • Tourist Office Chatel
  • Ski Chatel
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A selection of our Ski Boots

Men’s Ski Boots

Salomon S Pro 100

New from Salomon this year the S Pro 100 lets you vary the pleasures, cruising on the slopes and skiing at Mach 2!   A super pleasant boot that's as at ease on piste as it is in powder.  With a flex of 100, it will allow you chain descents all-day without requiring too much of you.

Head Lyt 100

The Edge Lyt 100 lets you enjoy all the resort in the greatest comfort.  It’s a model that will please most riders, you can ride from dawn 'til dusk while enjoying a painless support!  If you can take care of the skiing this boot will take care of your feet!

Salomon X Pro 90 (+ Wide option)

The X-Pro 90 from Salomon is a great option for any skier.  Salomon uses a 24mm Oversized Pivot to drive extra energy towards your skis.  A Tool-Free Catch Adjustment on the upper cuff buckle allows you lots of adjustment to get that perfect fit across your leg.  The Twinframe Construction is made with a stiffer, stronger plastic on the sole of the boot that enhances the responsiveness of your skis.

HEAD Advant Edge 85

The Advant Edge 85 are the perfect ski boots.  Hi-Top Tech combines the leg and shell into one compact unit, resulting in  better skiing with less effort!  Your valuable energy gets directly transmitted to your ski.  If you apply more pressure, the flex gets stiffer, staying reactive and elastic - giving your turns have more power than ever!

Atomic Hawx Prime 100

Simply put, the Hawx Prime 100 is the perfect ski boot for most people in most situations.  The Prime offers a reliable but exciting ride for all skiers for whom day-in, day-out comfort is a must-have. For less weight, less work, and more skiing, this boot is the definitive answer - for skiers looking for real-deal performance with ski-all-day comfort.

Atomic Hawx Magna 80

The Atomic Hawx Magna 80 is one of our wide-fit boots. It’s one of the lightest boot in its wide-last class and packed with features purpose-built for wider feet like the Easy Step-in zone and a wide tongue. It’s a great boot, especially for skiers for whom a stiffer boot would be harder to control and much less comfortable.

Women’s Ski Boots

Salomon S Pro 90 W

The NEW S Pro 90 W  Salomon boot will make you discover new riding sensations with its awesome performances.  Its inner liner is super comfy!  Salomon has created top performances and a divine comfort delivering optimal power transfers so you can carve like a pro on the widest pistes of the resort!

Head Lyt 80 W

The Edge Lyt 80 W is an ultra-comfortable Head women ski boot with a forgiving featherweight construction and a generous boot last.  The Edge Lyt 80 W is a byword for ultimate comfort.  It is ideal for skiing all day long as it prevents the creation of painful pressure points.

Salomon X Access 70

The X ACCESS 70 W is a Women's ski boot designed to provide comfort to all-mountain skiers who want to spend the day enjoying the ride.  If you’re looking to upgrade your style on the slopes, this is the boot that’ll help you do so. This wide fitting boot comes with micrometric settings ensuring optimal adjustments, fit and comfort.

HEAD Advant Edge 75 W

The Advant Edge 75 ski boot is the woman ski boot, for the beginner to the advanced. The easy entry design is a walk in the park and fits the calf perfectly. The inner shoe is lined with fleece and keeps your feet at the perfect temperature. The anatomical design aligns to your feet and the perfect fit avoids pressure points. In short: a comfortable masterpiece with proven Power Efficient Design.

Atomic Hawx Prime 90 W

T Atomic Hawx Prime 90 is the ideal ski boot for female skiers.  The boot features a liner with pre-shaped ankles for an even better first fit.  You also get 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation to keep your feet warm and responsive even in extremely cold conditions.  Sole Flex technology on the sole of the boot enhances your balance, underfoot feel and control.

Atomic Hawx Magna 70 W

The Hawx Magna 70 W is a perfect wide fit ski boot in our women's range.  This series means you can get the legendary Hawx feel and features in a boot with a 102mm fit.  The Hawx Magna 70 W is the lightest boot in its class and packed with features purpose-built for wider feet like the easy step-in zone and a wide tongue.  It has a soft flex for less aggressive skiers and a high-quality bronze liner. A great wide-fit boot for all skiing levels – and most importantly, a great Hawx.

Junior Ski Boots

Our NEW Junior range allow advanced Junior skiers the performance and power to progress – going up to size UK 9, EU 43!

Head Kore 60

Providing the power, support, cushioning and advanced level ski control for skiing progression.  The KORE 60 is a true  motivator for advanced driven kids.  HEAD have endowed this performance boot with progressive flex and hold, power and rebound enhancing buckles and Velcro strap and super comfortable Team liner for precision power transfer and all-day skiability.

Salomon QST Access 70

The QST Access 70T is one of the lightest junior boots, making it possible for kids to ski longer through the day.  A perfect stepping stone from kids boots into an adult ski boot.  Hike and Ride technology makes the QST Access 70 the ideal choice for young skiers by making it easy to walk to the lift, up a ridge line or anywhere around the slopes.

Atomic HAWX JR 60

The Atomic Hawx JR 60 ski boot is for younger skiers that are searching for more performance, but aren’t quite sized to step up to an adult boot, and don’t want to use a dedicated race boot.  Kids will feel like they’re totally in control from the top of the hill to the bottom.  For bigger, heavier juniors, this ski boot offers more performance, more power, and more control – and a bigger, better skiing experience.

Children’s Ski Boots

All of our Atomic, Head and Salomon come in all sizes – ranging from UK kids 7, EU  25 all the way to a UK 7, EU 40.5!

Salomon T1 - T3

The Salomon kids ski boot's come with friendly design and features making their use easy. Featuring a comfortable liner, a forgiving shell and a super easy to use closure system, it’s the perfect boot to begin skiing with.  Perfect for 4-14 years olds, these boots will take you all the way adding buckles and rigidity as the sizes go up.

Atomic JR1 - JR4

The Atomic Hawx Jr ski boot allows young all-mountain riders to have more fun in hard and soft snow.  All of the junior models also come with a progressive cuff design: meaning the flex and cuff are perfectly tailored to the skier's ability and size. The Hawx Jr range provides slightly firmer support and a more energetic flex as they go up in size, adding more buckles as the feet grow.

Head Z1 - Z3

The Head Z boots are a revolution in kids boots, providing a comfortable, cosy and easy to use geometrical stance that makes skiing easy and fun.  The kid specific technologies are three-fold: HEAD Jr. Hi-Top delivers instant rider to ski power transfer for easier turns, whilst a more relaxed forward lean provides a comfortable and hassle-free stance. Then their "Vario Lasts" perfectly mirror the development of kids’ feet.

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